Monthly Archives: January 2015

Why Random?

Random was chosen being all my other sites are organized reasonably well by topic.This one, being my ham site won’t be. I’ll have car stuff on here, including my massive checklist which allowed me to put over 500,000 miles on my Nissan S12. I’ll have recipes, including the scientific one on making Naan bread. I’ll probably even post up some musings on medicine from time to time… and of course, there will be ham stuff too!

Starting Over in 2015

My old site is gone… well, not quite, its backed up on a hard drive sitting next to me, but I’ve deemed it to much a hassle to reinstall it and put in the thousands of lines of modified code. Thus a warning to all… not upgrading your software being its a royal pain when ignored long enough brings about much peril. I preach this to others, but just like the plumber with leaking pipes at home, well, you know how it goes.

The biggest bummer though is the loss of recipes. What I may end up doing is extracting the text out of the database manually, tweaking it in notepad and bringing it over here.